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At Chalmers Properties we understand the importance of finding somewhere to call home.

Looking for your next property?

At Chalmers Properties we understand the importance of finding somewhere to call home.

Whether you’re an absolute newcomer to Glasgow, seeking guidance in selecting the ideal neighborhood for your new abode, or a working professional striving for proximity to the bustling city centre, rest assured, we’re by your side every step of the way. 

We are a highly reviewed letting agent with an extensive knowledge of Glasgow’s property sector making us perfect to help you find your next home.

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Our Move-in process

Report a Repair

For non-urgent repair or maintenance inquiries, kindly use the report a repair page on our website.

Please provide comprehensive details regarding the issue and, if applicable, attach photos to enhance our understanding.

Rest assured, we will strive to respond promptly. However, do note that our office operates from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

In cases of urgency, please follow our designated emergency procedure as per move in notes.


If an emergency occurs you may contact one of the numbers provided on our tenant move in pack, alternatively if a tradesman of your choice is used, please keep the invoice/reciept to be compensated.

Please check for pressure drop on the boiler for no heating or if Scottish Water have turned the water off for lack of water, before calling our out of hours emergency contractor.

If you smell gas open all windows, turn off gas at the mains (where possible) and all appliances, do put on lights or use electricity and do not smoke or light a match.

Please be aware if the problem is NOT an emergency you will be liable for the bill

Report a Repair


A deposit is a refundable sum of money designed to provide the landlord with a financial commitment that you are going to uphold the terms of your tenancy agreement. 

This can cover any damage to the property or unpaid rent. In the unlikely case that you do not uphold your tenancy agreement the full deposit will be returned via SafeDeposits Scotland, this is an independent not for profit body set up under housing legislation enacted to protect tenants’ interests and ensure any disputes over deposits are resolved fairly. If you feel a deposit amount has been unfairly deducted you have the right to either come to a mutual agreement with the landlord or formally dispute this.

Termination of tenancy

If the time has come for you to end the tenancy you must provide written notice to enquiries@chalmersproperties.co.uk. You must give your landlord at least 28 days notice in writing if you would like to end the tenancy.

The Notice Period will begin the day the written notice is received. If you know further in advance when you may be planning on vacating the property please do try to let us know, this will help us find a suitable tenant and proceed with your move out process.


Routine inspections shall be carried out quarterly throughout the course of your tenancy. You will be notified in advance via email of the date the inspection will take place. These may be carried out between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, you are welcome to be home when conduct the inspection however if you are not home we will use our office keys to enter the property with your authorisation. 

We would never enter a property without prior consent from the tenant. Following the inspection, you will be promptly informed of any necessary maintenance tasks or concerns about the property’s upkeep