Tenant Journey

Apply online

You’ve seen one of our properties online that has captured your imagination as your potential new abode.

Navigating to our website, locating the property, and engaging the 'Apply Online' feature is all it takes. Anticipate our response within a single business day to delve into your expression of interest but this may take longer depending on individual property interest.

Physical viewing

We kindly request that prospective tenants partake in an on-site property viewing.

This ensures that the property aligns with your expectations and meets your contentment in terms of the property itself, neighboring amenities, and transportation accessibility. We acknowledge that certain situations may pose challenges, and in such cases, we’re prepared to provide alternative solutions where feasible. Additionally, do note that our properties feature walkthrough videos or virtual tours, available upon request

Complete tenant application form

The form will have a few sections for you to complete with your contact details, employment status and address history.

You will not be required to supply any documents or evidence of affordability at this stage. Comprehensive credit assessment and referencing will come into play subsequent to the property offer stage

Offer & advanced payment

Following our successful candidate offer (subject to credit and referencing), we will ask you to pay a reservation deposit, which is normally £500.

At this stage we would advise yourself of the credit and referencing process for the property and provisional move in date for the property.

Complete your referencing

We shall advise of the credit and referencing process for our properties and ask that these are completed swiftly, in order to minimise delays.

Once we receive the results from your referencing, we will engage in discussions with the landlord and promptly communicate the final decision to you.

Digitally sign your tenancy agreement

In the lead-up to your impending move-in date, we will send you with a digitally signable tenancy agreement.

This agreement will require signatures from each tenant as well as their respective guarantors, if applicable. When everyone has signed, Chalmers Properties will sign on behalf of your landlord and a copy will be sent to each tenant for their records.

Settle your balance

You will have been sent a receipt detailing the balance amount when you paid your reservation deposit.

The balance amount due must arrive as cleared funds in our client account at least one business day prior to your move-in date.

Move in day

Congratulations move in day has arrived.

Key collection appointment shall have been pre-arranged at our office. As part of our service Chalmers Properties provide meter readings to the utility suppliers and inform the local authorities about your move. It is important to note that while we facilitate this process, tenants are responsible for establishing their own utility accounts. It is advisable to proactively engage with utility companies and local authorities (Council Tax) to ensure a seamless transition