Renting in a New City

Are you looking to relocate to Glasgow? Maybe starting a new job, a degree or just moving home after some time away? You may require a Glasgow based letting agent to assist you with the move. Chalmers Properties has all the knowledge you need when setting up home somewhere new. There’s lots of stress that comes with any move but moving somewhere completely new is a whole new experience. We pride ourselves on knowing Glasgow inside out whether you want to be part of the hustle and bustle in the city or somewhere quieter in the countryside or near good schools we have the property for you.

Your Budget

This is crucial when finding the area for you, make sure that you consider things like council tax utility bills, parking costs when choosing a new area. Glasgow has a large variety of housing areas which vary greatly when it comes to costs of living. Check out the council tax bands in your desired postcode and be sure to add this into your budget.

Job Opportunities

While the countryside may be your piece of tranquillity it might not offer you a big choice when it comes to work. Glasgow has fantastic transport systems with main train lines travelling into the city everyday. Make sure you consider this when choosing your area. Will you be driving into work? It might be easier to be near a transport link than having to find somewhere to park. If you are relocating for work check with your workplace if they offer parking and where they are situated before selecting a new area.


Relocating as a family is a massive task and not only will you have to consider new workplaces, home and healthcare changes, you may also have to think about schooling or nurseries. At Chalmers Properties we can assist in letting you know about the most family friendly areas to live in with parks and schools nearby. You can check out our social media pages with videos of local areas in Glasgow that you may like to view when it comes to a new home for your family.


If you are completely new to Scotland the climate may come as a bit of a culture shock. In winter especially Glasgow can get very cold and it is standard to have your home heated during these months. We would recommend adding this into your budget as the type of home you rent may vary the cost of gas or electricity to heat it greatly.

Finally Chalmers Properties are always on hand if you need advice. Moving is an exciting process especially when it’s to a completely new place. We are very used to tenants who have moved from afar and can offer lots of advice and support to make your transition as smooth as possible.