Safe Deposits Scotland 


Part of renting in Scotland will always mean you need to have money aside for a deposit. This protects the landlord in the instance something may go wrong throughout the tenancy and also protects the tenant from having to fork out extra money at the end of the lease. 


Safe Deposits Scotland is Scotland’s leading tenancy deposit scheme. They will hold the deposit for the length of the tenancy to keep it safe and make sure it is available to be returned, providing the terms of the tenancy have been met. 


In the instance that the landlord or tenant cannot agree on the return of funds Safe Deposits Scotland offer an impartial adjudication service to help mediate between the parties and assist in an agreement being made. 


Deposit not returned?


In some instances your deposit may be kept and used by the landlord to cover the cost of breakages, cleaning, painting etc. This gives you an opportunity to ensure the property is in the same condition that you received it at the end of the lease so avoid this happening.


Inventory and Checkout Reports


Chalmers Properties will provide the tenant with inventory and check out reports. These are incredibly important to look over closely. When you pick up the keys to your new property you will be provided with an inventory list that will have detailed information on the property and any maintenance type issues that may already be there. A mark on the wall? You need to make sure you have proof of issues that happened before you moved in otherwise there may be faults that result in the loss of some of your deposit. Part of our service includes a check out report, this will be conducted once you leave the property and gives something to compare with the initial inventory, any discrepancies here will give you details on the lease.