No matter whether this is the first property you are renting on your own or the latest in a string of homes, there are several key questions you always need to ask. When you attend a viewing, either the letting agent or maybe even the landlord will be there and they can answer any and all questions you might have.

Who Is Responsible For What?

You need to know who and when to phone when something needs fixing. While it may be your responsibility to change the lightbulbs, a leaking pipe might need a phone to the letting agent so they can arrange a callout. This can be incredibly important in a garden flat as you need to know whether you will be the one who needs to do a little gardening or whether it will be maintained by your landlord.

When Was The Property Last Updated?

Some flats are furnished with the latest cabinets and bathroom suites, others might have fittings that have seen a little use. Likewise, the walls might have been painted a few years ago, but they still might look amazing. Asking when the property was last updated will give you some insight into how well the property is maintained overall.

Can I Decorate?

If you are only going to be in the property for a minimum term then your landlord might not want you to make any changes to the decoration. However, if you are planning on living in a property in the long-term, they might allow this. Typically, a landlord will give you written permission and will require a professional painter to conduct the job. This way, the standard can be confirmed so you should always ask beforehand.

What Are The Neighbours Like?

When being shown around the property, you might have a chance to speak to the current tenants. This is the perfect time to grab a quick chat about how they have liked living here, and what the neighbours are like. The perfect flat in the ideal location can quickly be ruined by Nightmare Neighbours. If the landlord owns other units in the building or close by, he might also have an idea what the neighbours are like.

What Is The Policy For Pets?

Whether you have a pet or you are thinking about getting one, you need to know whether it will be allowed in the property. Trying to sneak a pet in when one is explicitly banned by your tenancy agreement is not a good idea. Speak to the landlord. A giant dog like a Saint Bernard might not be welcome, but something a lot smaller like a hamster might be fine.

These are five questions that you should always ask, alongside key information like who pays the bills and where the rent should be paid to. If you are searching for a rental property in the Glasgow area, check out some of the options available at Chalmers Properties today.