Are you a landlord trying to find a tenant for your property? If you are based in Glasgow or you have an investment property in this city that is missing a tenant, Chalmers Properties is here to help. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us for letting and property management.

Quick Turnarounds

As a landlord, you know that an empty flat is not good. No-one likes to have their property sit empty for months. Chalmers Properties works hard to quickly find a tenant for your property to minimise this period. What’s more, we try to find the right tenant for you so you can be certain that someone is moving in who loves your property as much as you do.

More Than a Letting Agent

We don’t stop the service once we have secured a tenant. Chalmers Properties is also able to offer a comprehensive property management service. Whether you also live in Glasgow or on the other side of the world, you can be certain that Chris will be able to handle any property management issues that might arise. From repairs to regular inspections, we will be able to handle it all.

Years of Experience

Chris has over 14 years of experience in Glasgow’s property industry. With that has come managing both private and fund portfolios and specialisations in residential property appraisals and more. You want an expert to manage your property properly and you can find that service from Chalmers Properties.

An In-Depth Knowledge of Glasgow

With this wealth of experience also comes an-depth knowledge of Glasgow’s properties. It doesn’t matter whether you have a traditional tenement in the Southside, a gleaming modern apartment on the banks of the Clyde, or any other type of property. Chris & Chalmers Properties will be able to appraise it correctly and find you a tenant who will love both your property and its location.

Reviews That Speak for Themselves

Chalmers Properties has already worked with many customers and the reviews speak for themselves. They frequently mention Chris’s professionality and reliability amongst other positive traits. Take a look at our reviews for yourself to get a clear picture of the service we could offer you.

Are you a landlord searching for the right tenant for your property? Get in touch with Chalmers Properties today. Not only can we source you the perfect tenant but we can also offer you a complete property management service. When you choose Chalmers Properties, you can always be certain that your property is in safe hands.